Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Busamed embraces robotic assisted knee replacement surgery

The human knee joint is marvellously and wonderfully created. The individual variation of the "normal anatomy" poses a great challenge in knee arthroplasty as the surgeon endeavours to place the components accurately as well as balance the soft tissue and ligaments surrounding the knee. The NAVIO Surgical System is a next generation handheld robotic platform designed to aid surgeons with implant alignment, ligament balancing and bone preparation.

Left to right: Dr M Maritz (Orthopaedic Surgeon BPPH); Dr JL vd Berg (Orthopaedic Surgeon BPPH); Dr A Olivier (Orthopaedic Surgeon BPPH); Dr W vd Merwe (Orthopaedic Surgeon Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic); Dr D Mji (CEO Busamed); Mr Y Harneker (Hospital Manager BPPH)

The total Knee Arthroplasty application provides a streamlined and efficient workflow along with cutting guides specifically designed for handheld robotic-assisted surgery. Furthermore the NAVIO robotic-assisted system does not require a preoperative image, such as a CT scan. This allows patients to receive the benefits of robotic-assistance without the extra steps, costs and radiation associated with additional preoperative imaging. Due to the intricate nature of the surgery a robot will never be able to replace an experienced knee surgeon. Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital is privileged to be in the forefront of this latest technology.

The first NAVIO Total Knee Replacement in South Africa was performed in our Hospital and to date 27 NAVIO Robot-assisted procedures have been performed here. We thank the Smith & Nephew team for their support.

Download: Busamed NAVIO Flyer


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